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SociVidz is an innovative new technology for Content Syndication.  This software will distribute your content to social media sites on a scale never seen before!

SociVidz = Social Video Syndication

 SociVidz is a Video Creation and marketing software that will Create videos, Optimize them, Publish, Share and Rank them to get users Real Results.

With the 1 click users can upload their video to multiple video sites and get social media embeds and links from High Authority social media sites.

The software gives users the ability to create both Batch and single videos using a video timeline along with the ability to edit, optimize and manipulate already created videos.

The software is an all in one video creation and marketing tool unlike anything on the market today that will allow you to give any video the best possible chance of going viral.

SociVidz comes with features to increase YouTube views, channel subscribers, video likes and comments. It also allows it’s users to perform video research, video competition analyses and keyword research from within the 1 dashboard.

It’s like having access to your own Private network of Video Syndication Sites

Watch What This Beta Tester Has To Say

 Is Video Marketing the Future of Online Marketing?

Three years from now, you would not be reading this article; but watching it on video. Cisco predicts that 70% of all consumer traffic would come from videos in 2017. The demand for videos would most probably triple by the year of 2017. This is how important video marketing is going to become in the not so distant future. Online videos are rapidly becoming the key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. If you own an online marketing business, but not taking advantage of video marketing, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Video is fast gaining popularity as the future of content marketing. There are more and more marketers turning to video to market their products and services on the net. In fact, Nielsen claims that more than 65% of the online marketers expect videos to take center stage within their marketing strategies in the near future. The trend is on the rise; get in now to claim a share of the pie before it is too late. YouTube is the third largest search engines in the world just behind Google and Facebook for that matter. It will surpass Facebook very soon.

SociVidz that stands for Video Syndication which intends to distribute video content to social media sites in a scale that has never been possible before. It uses the innovative idea of crowd marketing where other subscribers assist each other for collective benefits.

Here is a Quick Overview of Some of the Features

Marketing Software designed to give any video the best chance of going viral …

  • Create videos
  • Add soundtracks, voice-overs, intro clips, transitions, zoom/pan effects +++
  • Edit, manipulate, split videos and perform various audio and video changes
  • Video keyword research
  • Video competition analyses research
  • Google & YouTube video ranking analyses
  • Upload videos to multiple video Uploading sites
  • Get social signals, embeds and shares from multiple Social Media sites
  • Create authority link wheels
  • Get YouTube video views, likes, comments and subscribers (crowd marketing)
  • Search and download creative common images and videos
  • Multi-threaded, light weight and fast

SociVidz aims to increase your social media traffic, social media signals and provide you with more social media back links. It will increase you likes and shared dramatically on social media sites which will exponentially increase your traffic.  It has been a long wait for six months to build this product and I can’t wait to  get my hands on it! Based on my experience with Abbas in the past, this will be another sure winner.

Any SociVidz review is incomplete without articulating its key benefits:

Videos are naturally engaging, and you are able to offer small chunks of content through video. In this age of information overload, it is vital to offer information so that the customer could digest it easily. If not, the customer would move on. The saying goes as, a picture would paint 1000 words. Arguing on this lines, a one minute video is worth more than 1 million words. In fact, Axonn Research states that more than 70% of customers would be impressed with a brand after watching interesting videos with content from these brands.

Most marketing experts say that video production costs have come down heavily during the recent past, and a marketer doesn’t have to be a technical expert to produce an entertaining video.

This is the best time to take advantage of this trend before it is too late. Marketing products and services using videos is still in its infancy stage, and you can claim a piece of the pie if you get in now.

Here is where SociVidz comes handy for online marketers.

Before I conclude my SociVidz Review, let me tell you about the developer of this product. The creator of this brand new product is Abbas Ravji. He is quite well known in the cyber world. With some other proven products like Social Hub Builder, PR Traffic Booster and Viral Image Wizard, Abbas has already established himself as a brand and has a strong set of followers.

Scheduled to launch on the 19th of August, 2014 and priced moderately from $17 for beginners to $197 for his premium customers, this product is already making news in the market. The reason being that if fits nicely in context to the “New Age SEO” that focuses on natural link building, establishing brand building of authority and, most SociVidz Reviewimportantly, leveraging social media to achieve it.

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Socividz Launch Date

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Reviewed by George Wilson on Jun 10
Rating: 4.5
Summary: The Biggest Video Marketing Advantage Right Now
Description: The software is an all in one video creation and marketing tool unlike anything on the market today that will allow you to give any video the best possible chance of going viral. SociVidz aims to increase your social media traffic, social media signals and provide you with more social media back links. Created by Abbas Ravji who has a great track record at producing top notch marketing tools. I give this product top marks.